Douglass Example Essay

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Slaves didn’t know their mothers or birthdays. Assess the impact on their mental well being ? Care of the mother for the child's future character formation, have a decisive role. The slaves don‘t know their mother, so they don’t get good care. Slaves don’t have a sense of identity for self because they don‘t know their birthday. It is easy to hurt them as a person's sense of belonging. Slaves needs their mothers to be their directors. 2. Slavery degraded master and slave. Masters derived pleasure from abusing chattel. How would this behavior contribute to their diminished humanity? 400 years of the slave trade, but estimates of slaves brought to America Africa about 12 million to 30 million. Africa continent…show more content…
15. Edward Covey had a reputation. What was that reputation and how did he earn it? A snake? Thomas can’t stand, the Douglas to Edward Covey, let Edward rebuked Douglas. Edward was a cruel man, he will be whipped slaves. Douglas often give some difficult work. Douglas Covey believes that Christianity is false. Edward tried to deceive himself and God, he is a true Christian, but some of his crimes, he is a sinner. Later, Douglas and Edward fighting since then, Douglas began to flee. Finally, Douglas became a brave man, Edward is just a useless owner. 16. Did Covey break Douglass’ spirit? How was Douglass reborn? Why was it a turning point? When Douglas was born into slavery, grew up in the South engaged in heavy slave labor, torture, several times nearly lost his life. However, his strong will in difficult circumstances, assiduous self-culture struggle. Slaveholders see good discipline, he handed him over to a special tame slaves and whites - Covey discipline. Douglas decided to revolt after being repeatedly beaten severely beaten discipline who scared the other no longer afraid to fight him. 17. Christmas was an unusual time on the plantation. How so? What was the intent of special treatment meted out to the slave? Many, but not all, the owners give the rest a day or more slaves at Christmas time. Some also provide them with sufficient
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