Dove : A Brand With Successful Transition

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Dove: A Brand with Successful Transition 1. Abstract: While Dove is expanding its product scope, we need a marketing strategy for upgrading the brand image from a beauty bar to a broader and deeper concept. 2. Introduction: Dove is a world-leading personal care brand and is managed by Unilever, one of the world largest consumer goods manufacturers. As Unilever is seeking for expanding the product scope, the positioning of Dove, which has remained for 40 years as a beauty bar, is being challenged. We need to deliver a message that represents the brand and we come up with “The Campaign for Real Beauty”. 3. Analysis: 3.1 Strategic Drivers The expanding of category: Dove remains to be a name of a beauty bar for years. It stands…show more content…
• Increasing criticisms from the public • Risk of being a brand for “fat girl” • Copy by the competitors • Undermining the aspiration of consumers • Sustainability of campaign in long run 3.4 Evaluate the campaign First, the return of investment. With the high ROI, Dove could earn 3 dollars for every 1 dollar spent. In the first six months of the campaign, the sales of Dove in the Europe and the U.S. has increased seven-fold, particularly the sales of the advertised products increased more than 600 percent in the first two months. In 2004, the global sales of Dove has surpassed 1 billion dollars. With the business value of Dove had grown by 1.2 billion dollars in the last three years, Dove was identified as one of the 10 brands with the greatest percentage gain by Landor Associates in 2006. Second, the media coverage. Talk shows, news broadcasts, and magazines, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, and The View and so on, were covered. Estimated by the Unilever, the media exposure was worth more than 30 times the paid-for media space. Third, the viral video. The online video has been viewed more than three million times within three months. And more than 300 million people had seen the viral video through different channels of
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