Dove Body Image

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The Dove advertisement, Dove Real Beauty Sketches-”You're more beautiful than you think” from April 14, 2013, a video that describes how people may view women differently than they view themselves. A random woman walked into the room, where there was a curtain separating her and a forensic artist. The forensic artist begins by asking the woman about her own appearance, making her describe the way she thinks she looks in detail. Without seeing her, he goes on to draw her, from going off what she says about herself. Later in the advertisement strangers come into the room and the forensic artist begins to asks them about the woman that they have met the day prior; which is the woman that he just drawn. He then starts to draw the same woman but by the way the strangers describe her. At the end of the video the forensic artist puts both pictures side by side to compare the two. The picture that the…show more content…
According to “People with negative body image tend to feel that their size or shape is a sign of personal failure, and that it is a very important indicator of worth” (paragraph 8). We always see in the media how women are portrayed as they should look a certain way in order to meet society's’ needs. In magazines such as OK! and Life&Style show celebrities on the front cover that say “I’M BACK IN A BIKINI!” or “HOW I GOT THIN FAST”. These magazines make women reflect on their body image because they wonder how celebrities can look like that and they do not. When a woman is displeased about her body image, negative thoughts may come to her mind. Such as eating disorders, depression, and individual harm.This advertisement is a prime example of how women view themselves negatively, and are losing their self esteem due to the media. The way that others viewed them showed them that maybe the perspective of how they think about themselves is not always
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