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Dove was developed in the United States as a non-irritating skin cleaner for pre-treatment use on burns and wounds during World War II. In 1957, Dove bar reformulated as a beauty soap bar. In 1970s, the company launched promotional campaign for shop’s mildness as found in the study that Dove to be milder than 17 leading bar soaps. Through the years, Dove has expanded its product line to body wash, facial cleansers, moisturizers, deodorants and hair care products. In 2005, Unilever’s Dove product line revenue reached $3 billion. However, even though these events make Dove appear as a flawless brand, both Dove’s sales and market share were dwindling and the competition remains on the rise. Thus, under the management of
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Thus said, Dove must continue to act quickly and strategically to keep its competitive advantage and to strongly position itself from competitors (Peter & Donnelly, 2011).
Investigate and categorize the marketing arena for Dove and its competitors. Cosmetics fall into their own marketing arena. It is the only other product, besides food, that consumers are in constant need of because cosmetics are used in our everyday lives. Cosmetics, in order to have any type of customer base, are made with great quality in mind. With all these different brands offering the same types and qualities of products, Dove had to branch out into another important segment of this cosmetics market. Cosmetics are being used just as much by men as they are used by women, and it is important that a cosmetics product line can compete in the market of men’s products as well. Dove’s main competitors, Nivea, L’Oreal, and Garnier, have not crossed into making men’s products. The lack of men’s products gives Dove a competitive advantage in their arena. Dove has dominated in this category through their marketing and different direction. When Dove first launched their “Real Women Campaign”, their target age group was women between 30 and 39 that had never used skin firming products. This age group was ideal for Dove to target because their current brand image was considered emotionally dated and
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