Dove Promotianal Mix

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Dove promotional mix
The purpose of dove’s promotional mix is to promote and advertise their product to the public to gain interest and awareness about what they have to offer. By promoting their product they are trying to increase sales of this anti-aging lotion and also increase the profit coming into the business. Also they aim to gain more interest in the brand so that they will be able to sell more of their products. Dove uses advertising by commercially advertising themselves on mobile devices, for example if you have an app open on your smart phone adverts will usually pop up at the bottom of the app, dove uses this space to advertise themselves to gain the attention of a large amount of consumers. They also use visual advertising
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This market is rapidly changing as the needs of the customers always change therefore this is a difficult market to compete in.
Dove uses their brand for all of their products and advertisements; their brand is well recognised around the world and is associated with quality products for an affordable price.
Dove has many competitors, every brand that manufactures soaps, creams, and moisturisers are competitors of dove. They have to maintain the quality of their products to stay ahead of their competitors, if they fall behind the competitors then they will face losing out on a lot of sales and their profit will go down by a considerable amount.
Dove are keen on communicating with their customers; they think this is important because if they know what their customers think about their products then they can find out ways to improve/modify them if the customers do not like current products. Dove gather information from the customers by using market research, types of market research that is used includes surveys, questionnaires and feedback forms that can be filled out online or by hand.
Dove as an organisation uses AIDA towards their customers. They gain the consumers attention through their advertisements and promotions to lure the customer into wanting to know more about the product they are advertising. They then get the interest of the consumer through the adverts

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