Dove Soap- Form, Features, Style

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Market plan for FMCG company I have just been appointed to manage an fast moving consumer goods brand for a large organization. Now I will do a report about Dove this brand of fast moving consumer goods.I will report Dove’s basic information,the sole of brand,marketing mix,and how the marketing would change for this brand over the stages of the product life cycle.Let me report these clearly right now. 2.Introduction Dove is engaged in the manufacture and sale of products related to human health, such as hair, face and skin. 1980s Dove Beauty Bar became number one physician-recommended cleaning bar. Unscented Dove introduced. Since 2004 Dove Massage Body Wash and Cool Moisture Body Wash and Bar introduced. The Company's business is divided…show more content…
Decision making also includes the brand name and logo decisions. Name of decision-making refers primarily to what vendor name should be used by many names. Choice of name may have several, should enable consumers to benefit from the name you can think of, role, characteristics, should be readable, recognizable, easy to remember, it should be unique, the most important thing is not to be a bad associations. Trademark logo consists mainly of decision making packaging decisions. Trademark decisions include the following: First, the use of trademarks, the second is the use of several trademarks, trademarks Three is how to change, as the business grows, the original trademark may not be covered by the scope of business ideas or, at this time to need to mark the changes. Packaging is the product of the coat, but also the brand face, so the packaging is good and bad decision-making an important aspect of the brand, marketing experts and even some western marketing mix will be packaged as a fifth P, we can see its significance in marketing. So, Dove shampoo is an international brand, then let me explain below what is under the international brand and brand in the end do? Is the international brand recognition in the international market, high reputation, product radiation global brand. International brands in general have the following three characteristics: A: The brand has a long history, and some in the country has for decades or even centuries; B: Can often lead the

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