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Dow Chemical Topic: “Dow Chemicals” I decided to construct my essay on Dow Chemicals (DC) Company after reading an article in Business Week. Dow Chemical appears to be developing an aggressive market strategy that aligns with our class topics, and that I have found very interesting. Dow Chemical (DC) company, over the last seven years has built their strategy around and focused on their “niche”, which is core chemicals & plastics-manufacturing operations, while simultaneously reducing infrastructure debt, expanding its market share, and apparently building new strategic alliances. According to Dow Chemical CEO William Stavropoulos, The mission and goals of Dow Chemical company is to be a world leader in chemical and plastics…show more content…
This may be why Dow Chemical chose to focus on its “niche” and divest $10 billion in unrelated businesses. Dow Chemical then performed an Internal analysis to pinpoint its internal strengths and weaknesses, and finally performed a SWOT analysis or a competitive comparison between Dow Chemical and its external competitors to build upon their strength’s in order to exploit opportunities, counter threats, and also to shore up weaknesses. Dow Chemicals market maneuvers evidence the application of Business-level and Global-level strategies, as well as consideration of stakeholders profit levels. The Dow Chemicals Business-level strategy is indicated by the way it positioned itself in the marketplace by extracting some elements of a Differentiation strategy and some elements of a Cost Leadership Strategy to gain a competitive market advantage. By Differentiation strategy, I mean to say that Dow Chemical elected to seek a competitive advantage by creating new innovative products that their customer base considers to be unique and important, and maintaining a simple organizational structure. Dow Chemical has incorporated some elements of cost-leadership by adopting a decentralized form of management, a more hands on control of day-to-day
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