Down Fall Of The Critical Thinking

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Down Fall of The Critical Thinking
“Believe what you like, but don 't believe everything you read without questioning it” Quoted Pauline Baynes. Living in the world surrounded by billions of people and the information age, the society necessitates people to figure out whether the information is accurate to reason what we know. Everyone has their own view and perspective; each has their own beliefs and understanding of the world around them. This is where critical thinking comes to action. It is extremely important for students and citizens to be skilled in critical thinking which is a self-assessment, the capability to apply the reasoning and logic to situations however technologies makes it defaulter to think critically.
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To resolve those questions, they have to find way to access information through resources and take time to critically think to come up with the answer themselves. When they use critical thinking which is not mean only the ability to get the information, but to advance the way to understand and process it. Critical thinking is so important for every choice is limited to what you know when you make that choice. The more you know the more capable you are of making decision that will get what you want when you want it. Critical thinking help people think out result in a reasonable, effective solution, and revaluate himself to create skill to renovate anything that is going wrong direction. For example, changing a major is not easy base on my personal experience. There are many process had to be done in order to switch the major. Thinking critically is one of the most important processes. Going through all the reasons why changing major should be considered? What is the advantage and disadvantage of changing? How much time would waste in this decision? By answering to these questions, it helps me to accurate view of reality and what I have to deal with in order to reach a desired conclusion. To come up the solutions to those questions I have to take time to critically think about it. There are possibly of negative affects if one doesn’t carefully and logically think before making the decision. The more you know the more
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