Down Syndrome And Its Effects On Children

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Every couple wishes to have a little angel in their family who will enlighten the four walls with her little finger. Every parent may have thousands of dreams with their upcoming infant. But scenes sometimes bring different result. You may be endowed with the little heavenly touch of your infant but some fears comment of your doctor may bring a catastrophic change to this pleasure. You’ve blessed with a Down syndrome baby. Everything of your remote site seems to be gloomy. But don’t be upset. Come forward with the affection of fatherhood or motherhood and say- THOU BE MY HEAVEN, LITTLE ANGEL. Down syndrome Down syndrome is a set of physical and mental traits caused by a gene problem that happens before birth. Children who have Down syndrome tend to have certain features, such as a flat face and a short neck. They also have some degree of intellectual disability. This varies from person to person. But in most cases it is mild to moderate. Down syndrome is a lifelong condition. But with care and support, children who have Down syndrome can grow up to have healthy, happy, productive lives. Why It Happens Down syndrome is caused by a problem with a baby 's chromosomes. Normally, a person has 46 chromosomes. But most people with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes. In rare cases, other chromosome problems cause Down syndrome. Having extra or abnormal chromosomes changes the way the brain and body develop. Experts don 't know the exact cause, but some things increase the
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