Down Syndrome In Children

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Genetic Disorders
Disorder: Down syndrome
Cause/ Type of mutation: The most common form of Down syndrome is identified as trisomy 21. It’s a condition in which individuals have 47 chromosomes in each cell instead of 46. The cause of trisomy 21 is due to an error in cell division which is identified as nondisjunction in which leaves a sperm or egg cell with an extra copy of chromosomes 21 before or at conception.
Symptoms: Common physical symptoms/signs of Down syndrome include. Decreased or poor muscle tone, short neck with excess skin at the back of the neck, flattened facial profile and nose, small head, ears, and mouth, upward slanting eyes, often with a skin fold that comes out from the upper eyelid and covers the inner corner of the eye.
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However, early treatment can help quite a lot of people with the genetic disorder to live productive lives well into their adulthood. Children with the disorder often benefit from speech therapy, occupational therapy, and exercises to help with their motor skills
Prognosis: Although the prognosis for children who have Down syndrome usually depends on the severity of medical problems that develop, it has improved over the time specifically years. Surprisingly during the year 1910, the life expectancy of a child born with the condition was 9
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