Down With The Death Penalty

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Nick Cooper
Jason Johnson
English III
Down with the Death Penalty
Life is a precious thing. This is something that the majority of people can agree on. It’s for this reason that taking someone’s life is one of the most if not the most disgraceful of crimes. Murder is a crime deserving of the harshest punishment available at the hands of the criminal justice system. This brings us to one of the most debated upon issues of today. Is taking the life of one who has taken the life of others an acceptable punishment? When making your decision think about this question; Is the life of the murderer worth any less than the victim’s life? Is the death penalty in any form morally justifiable in today’s society? The underlying question would be is any kind of killing acceptable, regardless of what the motive behind it is. I personally don’t believe that it is an acceptable punishment no matter what the crime. I see it as becoming somewhat like the monsters that we strive to put behind bars.
In regards to the death penalty, it is my belief that life without parole is better for several reasons. I’m against the death penalty not for the benefit of the criminals but because it doesn’t reduce crime rates, it lengthens the agony experienced by the families of the victims, costs considerably more than life in prison, and, most importantly, risks the deaths of many innocent people. The death penalty ends up being a more tedious process than sentencing someone to life…

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