Downfall Of Financial Companies From Fraud

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Downfall of Financial Companies from Fraud¬ Diamond Howell Savannah State University Abstract Many financial companies fail for various reasons that include fraud and the manipulation of assets within the company. The research done in the paper will discuss financial companies that have been affected because of fraud and the way they are ran. This will show how companies develop their organization amongst the managers and create communication throughout the Company. Also, there will be knowledge of competitive teams and what the companies bring to the table about while sustaining that business. Another way fraud develops is through the Shareholders in the company and how they control the stocks and make them…show more content…
Was there more pressure under influence or was there just an open opportunity to make a rational decision? Keywords: Fraud, Internal Managers, External Managers, Shareholder/Stockholders, Internal/External Fraud, Managerial Quality and Misappropriation Introduction Fraud by definition can be a lot of things when it involves malicious and dishonoring actions. It has anything to do with misappropriations or even have knowledge of the wrong appropriation, a single or group can achieve. Extortion by definition can be a great deal of things when it includes vindictive and disrespecting activities. It has anything to do with misappropriations or even know about the wrong appointment, a solitary or gathering can accomplish. These describe the elements of how fraud can be affected and taken into account of harming the company. The early cautioning indications of misrepresentation are, as a rule, constantly overlooked. There are cautioning signs for each kind of misrepresentation out there. The individual submitting the extortion is continually searching for monetary profit. There are numerous sorts of misrepresentation out there. You have Medicare extortion, web misrepresentation, contract extortion, credit misrepresentation, charge extortion, theft, and phony and protection misrepresentation. Some approaches to avert stock extortion would be to, "tests for amounts,
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