Downfall Of Mayans Essay

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Warfare A major factor to the demise of the Maya was Warfare. The Mayan civilisation had always been obsessed with war. We all know that their wars were always very harsh, violent and chronic. There wars seemed to play a major roll in the downfall of the Mayans. Warfare had been a major part of the Mayan culture for thousands of years. It started to increase towards the end of the eighth century when the cities were beginning to collapse. They were always involved in wars where kingdoms were separated and had regular violent attempts of who would take possession of the throne. Famine A large scale of evidence supports the theory that famine played a significant part in the Mayan downfall. The 1000 km long Usumacinta river was home to the Mayans for centuries of years. The river between Guatemala and Chiapas in Mexico dried out completely to the point that the Maya could simply wade across it. This reliable source of water was used for…show more content…
The stress on the land and the intense drought led to the Mayan downfall. The Mayans immune systems became weaker after many years of malnutrition. This made the Mayans more prone to disease. No access to water, failure to grow crops and malnutrition are factors that may have led to the decline of the Mayan civilisation. Blue Hole Scientists say that a 100-year dry spell caused the great collapse of the Maya. The Great Blue Hole off the Caribbean Sea near Belize’s is a perfectly round circle and is 124 meters deep. Rock samples were found when scientists were drilling into the sediment layer of the incredible hole. The rocks suggested from 800 to 900 A.D, the Mayans faced a century long drought which was right around the time the civilisation collapsed. During this period, it is thought that the Mayans civilization lead to warfare and a horrific mess. It appears that the Mayans made the drought problem worse by cutting down the canopy of the forest to make way for the excess people and
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