Downfall Of Weimar Essay

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I strongly feel that this essay is a sufficient answer to the question posed. I have included an outline of my essay that is taken nearly word for word from what I wrote on the exam. In the essay, I have included numerous names, dates, terms, causes and effects as well as a direct and several indirect references to the readings from Fritzsche and Spielvogel. My intent for this essay was to demonstrate that the Weimar Republic was unable to fill a political, social, and economic void left by the demise of the Kaiser in the aftermath of World War I.
For my introduction, I began by making the point that after WWI Germany had changed in terms of territory, economics, and spirit. Also, I reference that the Kaiser had abdicated and President Fredrich
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This meets the requirement, “The issue is clearly explained.” I go on to cite a few major problems that occurred after the war including the stipulations of the Treaty of Versailles, and I mention that one of the effects of the Treaty was that the signers were labeled the November criminals. At the end of the paragraph, I explain that the illusion of progress had been destroyed by the war, and consequently, the Weimar Republic did not offer an answer as a replacement. I believe that this meets the second requirement, “your argument about the point is understandable, and it is supported by…show more content…
I also make the claim that where the Weimar Republic failed, Hitler succeeded. This is permissible under the guidelines set forth by the rubric which states, “You may briefly discuss the question in general and end with a short discussion of possible implications.” To complete the requirements for the conclusion, I specifically mention the main points that I made in the essay, I then explain that the Weimar government brought about its own demise, and that it was ineffective in solving the challenges facing Germany after World War I. These final points, I believe, meet the requirement that states, “the main thing is to show how your evidence has proven your
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