Downfall of the Governess in The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

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Downfall of the Governess in The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

In the governess's insane pseudo-reality and through her chilling behavior, she managed to bring downfall to Flora and Miles, the children of Bly. With compulsively obsessive actions, irrational assumptions, and demented hallucinations, the governess perceived ghosts bearing evil intentions were attempting to corrupt and destroy the children she had taken the role of care for. In reality, the governess herself brought tragedy to the children through her own selfishness and insanity.

From the first interactions with the young children, the governess's infatuation with their uncle, her employer, eventually proved to be her own failure in every fashion. In talk
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Before knowing or experiencing contact with Flora, the governess declares this child's beauty unsurpassable and convinces herself that the child could do no wrong; all speculation through a simple glance. So taken by the appearance of Flora was the governess, that she couldn't find herself having a peaceful sleep for some nights after her arrival at Bly.

No sleep could pass the governess's eyes without continually casting thought to the mere beauty of the child she had met only days earlier. The meeting with the young master Miles only stringed the governess's infatuation with the physical features of the young children. After receiving by letter that Miles was expelled from school, the governess herself found malcontent for the boy, but her first glance at the boy on meeting him cast away all previous distaste.

The governess, in her mind, believed she knew what the intentions of others were though, in reality, she had no evidence. After a simple agreement about the children's activities, the governess believed that herself and Ms. Grose would be in some sort of pact or pledge where they saw eye to eye on all situations. After this interpretation of Ms. Grose as a close friend, the governess began to feel distraught when Ms. Grose was busy cleaning the house and didn't habitually stop work to consult with the governess.

Her presumptions are that her will is also

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