Downriver Gynecology Environmental Assessment

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Downriver Gynecology builds an environmental assessment to effectively improve our standing in the community. The environmental analysis is used by marketers to calculate the financial influences that will guarantee that the worth of what is being used in the activity is increased in return, the political influences that may influence functioning of, or the selections for the progression of the organization also the social factors which are the demographic changes (as people move around to look for jobs), and movements in the way people live, work, and think. As well as cultural influences, the differentiated populations how they will influence the business, whether the neighborhood’s is ready to attack new and old problems, and the enthusiasm to learn about the new technology. The population estimated at 1,775,273 in 2013, has declined significantly in that the estimated number in 2012, and is now at -2.5 percentage wise. The unemployment rate has decreased and it is at 7.5% (Economic Research, 2014) and the population is shrinking because of those residents who move out of their homes and move to other cities to look for jobs (United States Census Bureau, 2014). That makes it hard when we lose clients to job migration. However when people move out there will always be people moving in and then we can start. Marketing, you can find us in the career section of the Detroit News and Free Press, also online at the Career, the, the Job Fairs, and the
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