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How can community health nurses apply the strategies of cultural competence to their practice? A nurse can be a part of helping a patient’s cultural preservation in their practice. For example, some people in the Jamaican culture hold nine-day wakes for deceased persons. The wake is a time for respecting and honoring the departed soul. For nine nights, relatives and friends share food and sing hymns, thus saying goodbye to the departed one (). A nurse can advocate for a patient from Jamaican cultural by coordinating with the hospice facility a way for the wake to take place as the Jamaican culture sees fit. A nurse can also apple cultural accommodation into their practice. For example, in…show more content…
A nurse can also take part in cultural brokering in their practice. For example, Christianity is the religion that the majority of Jamaican’s practice. Jamaica is known to have the most churches per square mile than any other country ( ). A nurse can intervene for a Jamaican client to ensure they receive culturally appropriate care by working with the health care facility to coordinate care to allow for a Christian minister to come visit with the Jamaican patient and their family. Barriers to applying cultural preservation, accommodation, repatterning, and brokering include time, money, and health risk factors. The health care facility may not have the means/money to allow for the tradition Jamaican wake for a deceased family member. The use of traditional herbs may be a risk to health if they interact with medications the patient is taking. A visit by a Christian minister may interfere with scheduled care such as diagnostic testing or no visitation/rest time. A nurse is responsible for respecting and maintaining a patients cultural preferences as much as possible. They must advocate for a patient’s cultural desires when possible. Cultural Brokering Cultural brokering means to intervene for clients to ensure that they receive culturally appropriate care within the Western health care system. The nurse understands the client's values and the system's values, and can therefore advocate,
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