Dq Project Management

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Description of the Project q This business plan will outline the opening of a new Dairy Queen franchise on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio. Dairy Queen is a thriving national franchise with great name recognition. This project plan will discuss the construction requirements, franchise fees and timeline needed before operation can begin. The Euclid Corridor is a section of Euclid Avenue on the eastern side of Cleveland. Currently a streetscape project is taking place to beautify the corridor and increase the public transportation available. Ultimately, the project will connect the downtown Cleveland area with the University Circle area. These are the two largest employment centers within Northeastern Ohio. In addition, Cleveland …show more content…
Green signifies the step is on schedule for completion while yellow is there is reason to believe it will be a struggle to complete the task on time. Red is we know or strongly feel the task will not be completed on time.

q All materials for the bi-weekly meeting will be sent out via email to the stakeholders 24 hours prior to the meeting. A call-in number will be provided to the stakeholders so face to face meetings will not be required. If a face to face is needed, office space will be provided.

q Most importantly we at KMG want the investor group to be satisfied with how the project was executed and the end product results.

The Company q “Dairy Queen® operators have been providing consumers with crave-satisfying treats and food. Dairy Queen restaurants are independently owned and operated franchised locations that have served customers for over 60 years. The independent franchise operators of Dairy Queen restaurants and their employees, together with American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), strive to provide customers with the best products and service possible”(DQ). Today Dairy Queen boasts over 5,900 restaurants in 24 countries.

q DQ Treat Centers are a combination of the delicious Dairy Queen products with the premium Orange Julius fruit beverages. With the numerous treat options each customer is certain to find something that will be just perfect for them. These stores are placed in areas where there will be heave foot traffic and
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