Dr. Abbott's Sin And The Battle For America's Soul

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By the year 2015, it has been long since brothels have lined the streets of well-known cities to the extent in which they did during the early 1900’s. While there are still a few legal brothels in Nevada and in some foreign countries, we usually find similar sorts in the forms of gentleman clubs or strip clubs nowadays. When examining the early 1900’s and our current modernity, there are, of course, both extreme and subtle similarities and differences. In Karen Abbott’s novel, Sin in the Second City: Madams, Ministers, Playboys and the Battle for America’s Soul, there is no pronounced comparison of our modern world with the one of the past, but we can insightfully see that we are not so different. Prostitution, sex trafficking, drugs,…show more content…
The changes resulting in a more modern America were: emergence of big business and industrial systems, immigration, urbanization, and the challenge to faith and confidence. First of all, many immigrants traveled to America, the land of opportunity, with their hearts and minds set on finding work to support their families and to start anew. The growth of railroads created towns and cities, which then grew as big businesses sprung up, and finally expanded further as immigrants invaded these cities in search of cheap jobs. The inflow of foreigners caused Americans to be resentful and move to the suburbs. Many middle class people did not want to live near the new ethnic neighborhoods as they feared the varying races and religious affiliations. This growth in modernity resulted in a positive growth in technological devices such as telephones and street cars. On the other hand, the negative aspects, such as how cities were becoming overcrowded, unsanitary, filled with disease, and politically corrupted, may have outweighed the good parts of the city. The most important aspects, revolved around Europeans opening saloons and Madams and pimps opening brothels, both of which contributed to revolutions with churches, temperance activists, anti-cigarette reformers and more. The importance of immigration in this situation results from the excessive number of immigrants compared to American’s
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