Dr. Alwine : A Scientist Of Cancer Biology And An Investigator

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Dr. Alwine is a Professor of Cancer Biology and an investigator in the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute in University of Pennsylvania. He studies DNA viruses and how they react with the consequences of inducing cellular stress responses. Dr. Alwine received his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Elizabethtown College in 1969 and his Ph. D in Biological Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University in 1974. He began his interest in research with Simian virus 40 where he developed the Northern Blot technique, also known as the RNA blotting technique, at a laboratory in George Stark in the Biochemistry Department of Stanford University. It was named after the Southern Blot technique, which blots for DNA, and the Western Blot technique, which blots for proteins. It is not commonly used for clinical or diagnostic purpose but it is mainly used in research. The Northern Blot technique allows scientists to determine the molecular weight on an mRNA and to measure the relative amounts of mRNA that are present in different samples on a single membrane. The mRNA is isolated and hybridized using this technique. It also allows for the gene to express a pattern between the human system between organs, tissues, environmental stress levels, developmental stages, and infectious pathogens. It is used to view normal tissues to that of a down regulation of tumor suppressor genes in cancerous cells. It assists scientists to recognize the functions of unknown proteins. It varies with

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