Dr. Ambedkar As The Master Of Social Justice

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“Turn in any direction you like, cast is the monster that cross your path. You can’t have political reform; you can’t have economical reform, unless you kill this monster”
DR. Ambedkar’s birth in an untouchable community and in a system based on the graded inequality and injustice and deprivation of basic human rights to his brethren was responsible for giving a purpose and mission of his life. Dr. ambedkar is the man of the millennium for social justice, since he was the first man in history to successfully lead a tried of securing social to the vast sections of Indian humanity, with the help of the law. Dr. ambedkar was the man who tried to turn the wheel of the law toward social justice for all.

one of the key themes of the writings of Dr. ambedkar was the attainment of social justice and establishment of, just society, which for him, was essentially also a casteless society. He not only provided a ruthless criticism of the existing social order but also came up with an alternative vision and alternative model of social order based on justice, liberty, equality, fraternity and annihilation of caste. Ambedkar was convinced
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ambedkar has taken a vow to expose and finally do away with the abominable conditions and inhuman injustice under which the class, he was born. He never highlighted that the untouchable was prohibited from using the public road. It some high caste man happened to cross him, he had to be out of the way and stand as such distance that his shadow will had fell on the high caste man. Ambedkar’s first ever public struggle led him to drink water from a public tank named,choudar-talab, which was out of bounds for the untouchables. Everyday inequality that the untouchables had to suffer as they were not allowed to drink water even from a public tank reserved for the upper

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