Dr. Andrew Saul : Effective For Combating Symptoms Of Depression Essay

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Often times people experiencing depression find themselves on pharmaceuticals. For some, this method works successfully without any sort of difficulty. For others, these medications can cause increased symptoms which can send the patient on a wild goose chase looking for other medications that will work without causing worse symptoms. If you find yourself in the latter category, you may consider trying a few natural methods that are known to be effective for combating symptoms of depression. These natural options can many times be all it takes to help people with depression stay off of medications they are finding difficult to be on. B Vitamins While I owned and operated my own health food store, I learned from a local nutritionist in my area, that countries with socialized medicine were obligated to first try B vitamins prior to prescribing anti-depressants. This spoke loudly to me as to just how powerful B vitamins can be for our mental well being. The B vitamin niacin in particular, is often used by holistic practitioners in higher doses to help alleviate symptoms of depression. Dr. Andrew Saul, an advocate of vitamin therapy, in a film called "Food Matters", speaks of using niacin in doses of 3,000 milligrams and above, until symptoms of depression subside. This may seem extreme, however it is quite effective for many who 've tried it. Exercise Aerobic exercise can be a powerful tool to use in preventing depression. Either running, biking, swimming, or other aerobic

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