Dr. Anthony Curtis's Views on The Pros and Cons of Social Media

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Covering the history of social media is the first expert Dr. Anthony Curtis. Dr. Curtis has a PhD. in the field on mass communication and is a professor of University of North Carolina at Pembroke for the mass communication department. Dr. Curtis has a timeline titled “The brief history of social media where people interact freely, sharing and discussing information about their lives” the timeline begins in the year of 1969 in which dial up service was founded by company called CompuServe in the United States. Following in 1971 the first email was sent. Later in 1981 Tim Bergers began working for a European nuclear research center called Cern that is based in the nation of Switzerland and he started his research for the World Wide Web. After the research was completed Cern had donated the World Wide Web technology to the world in 1993. During 1994 Beverly Hills Internet made Geocities and this application helps users build their own custom websites. In 1997 the Internet has reached one million websites and blogging, blackboard, AOL instant message chat exist. 1999 the worlds first mainstream social networking service was created called friend united and this social network was in England. The following year in 2000 the dot com bubble had burst for online business, the internet’s future was looking bad at that point as well as 70 million computers had access to the internet. Three years later in 2003 itunes music service created by apple, myspace another social networking

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