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Leader: Anwar Mohammed Gargash Author: Ahmed Chuwdry
Justification: The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest developing nations in the world in terms of infrastructure. One of the key elements contributing to the development of the UAE is the country’s booming tourist industry, whose growth can be attributed to several leaders in the country. However, one leader stands out in particular, and that is the UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash. Dr Anwar’s achievements as a leader have been given a great deal of significance as they have resulted in changing the face of the UAE.
Case study: Anwar Gargash’s leadership in the UAE has not only placed him in the role of prominent businessman, it has
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Moreover, the election that Gargash planned was a significant representation of the UAE following in the footsteps of other Gulf countries that had introduced an electoral process to its political system. Due to Gargash infusing his confidence in his leadership style, he has earned the reputation of a respected intellectual responsible for helping the UAE move toward popular representation in government and an advocate of greater political participation for the FNC. As a result, the general perception regarding the elections has been enhanced which will support the FNC in moving towards a more crucial political role. Furthermore, Gargash is both, confident in and committed to, increasing the involvement of the people in the nation’s affairs, specifically the elections. However, he is also confident in the government’s gradualist approach that justifies the limited scope of these elections.
Further testament to his self-confident leadership is his stance on the UAE’s current nuclear program designed to meet the rising domestic demand for electricity. At the 54th General Conference in Vienna, Gargash expressed his confidence in the quality of the nuclear program when he stated: “ UAE decision to embark on this program took into account all associated regional and international obligations, with the assurance of highest standards of safety, security and nuclear non-proliferation as main pillars”. Furthermore, Gargash’s
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