Dr. Archie Logan Church History Essay

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“Church History Notes: Compiled by Dr. Archie Logan” Reflecting on the notes of Church History by Dr. Archie Logan, I am in agreement with the persecution of Christians in the early church as well as in the church today. In my opinion, Christians have been harassed constantly for their faith, which leads me to the Book of Psalm 119:86, “All your commands are trustworthy; help me, for men persecute we without cause (NIV).” The Christians of the early church (OT) were harassed for asserting God’s truths, commands also adhering to them. There was much suffering endured by the Jews because of their refusal to embrace idolatry. Looking at this ministry in the world today it’s much the same; Christians standing on the Word of God, living holy are the ones who get passed-over, talked about also treated badly due to their faith also those proclaiming the gospel (Logan 1). …show more content…

Under these circumstances, the Roman’s (Patriotism) wanted the Christian worship to involve that of the emperor. In reality, those of the Christian faith refused any part of uniting with that of the emperor. Instead, the Christian faith remained unmovable to their loyalty to Christ, dismissing any compromising with heathenism. As a result, persecution brought about a change that produced true witness of Christian faith, preserving true doctrines of the work of Christ ( I feel man have added also taken away from the Word of God (Bible) to fit their way of life. For example, looking at the worldview today, it seems Christ or His rules is not needed in the political decision making arena, especially with the House Bill

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