Dr Bateson Criticizes British Educational System

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1. Regardless of being a product of Private British school system, Dr Bateson criticizes British educational system expressing a lot of reliance on natural knowledge covering nature and mankind relationships to the animal kingdom at large. Bateson claims that the educational system should cover beyond the basic science and embrace ‘the true history on mankind and the role of civilizations’. Furthermore, Bateson denotes that Natural knowledge enables a person to identify his true position in time in relation to nature and also provides him balance and proportional progress in life. Bateson views learning and enquiry to be the basic commodities of the educational system, rather than the emphasis laid on obscure subjects such as Greek which provide less value in a persons’ life. None the less, Bateson expressed his fear as science was being limited to laboratory experiments with lesser technical knowledge imparted on the less fortunate students unable to access laboratories. However, the intense pressure created on a student to strive and gain the best educational systems has generated an intimidation in schools’ testing process because using the highest scores gained does not determine how smart a person is. Use of this elimination method denies students who do not progress further from the tests from accessing quality education. Although the use of tests by teachers to determine how well a student comprehends what was taught is viewed to be effective, it imparts a mentality

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