Dr. Ben Carson From The Republican

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In the upcoming United States presidential election which will take place at November 8th, 2016, candidates are trying to obtain nomination from their own party through the primary election. Dr. Ben Carson from the Republican is one of them. He announced his bid in the election on May 4th, 2015, at the Charles Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit. In his announcement speech, he approached the audience with all three persuasion techniques. Logos, in which he’s well known of, the usage of facts, logic, and reasons to convince the audience. Ethos, an approach of credibility in showing his expertise, which he tended to avoid. However, I think he was most successful with the pathos approach, which is the attempt of connecting…show more content…
But the way he told the story really helped the audience to connect to their own situation. He went into very deep details that the story came to life, and it feels like something that is happening every day in our life. And if “we”, the audience, have their own American dreams, if they are willing to work hard for it, their dreams would come true. He speaks the thoughts of the audience. In an attempt to defense himself from the attack of his opponents he said, “I have no desire to get rid of safety nets for people who need them. I have a strong desire to get rid of programs that create dependency in able-bodied people.” In the audience were mostly republican. One of their beliefs is individuals need to work hard for what they get. However, in these recent past year under the lead of President Obama, taxes had been brought (back) up to a very high level. Which include Income tax, Income Payroll tax, Capital Gain tax, etc. And they believe that most of their taxes money had gone into what they called “The Obamacare” and some other welfare programs. Most important thing is, some of the people who are receiving money from these welfare programs are totally capable of working and making their own living. This made the audience feel like he understands and feels what they feel. He made it a case that this country belongs to the people, not the government. After a short explanation of what had changed in the country regarding the
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