Dr. Br Ambedkar a Multidimensional Personality.

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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar ‘A multi-faceted personality’
“Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
Educate, Agitate and Organize!”
Said by: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
A Champion of Human Rights, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was a multi dimensional personality. He was a great thinker, a philosopher, a true revolutionist, a prolific writer & at the top a devoted reformer. His undeniable reforms in annihilating Caste, his views regarding women empowerment, his Dalit movement are really credible moves to wage a counter revolution against Hindu Religion. The noble cause to have unification of caste was one of the constitutional features of Democracy which he propagated that label him as a precursor of Social Democracy to meet the present day situation. The operation
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The teacher also changed Bhim’s last name to Ambedkar, his own name.
When his father decided to remarry, Bhim was very upset; he still missed his mother so much. Wanting to run away to Bombay, he tried to steal his aunt’s purse. When at last he managed to get it, he found only one small coin. Bhim felt so ashamed. He put the coin back and made a vow to study very hard & become independent.
Soon he was admired by all his teachers. All urged Ramji to get the best education for Bhim. So Ramji moved with his family to Bombay. They had to live in just one room, in an area where the poorest of the poor lived, but Bhim was able to go to Elphinstone High School, one of the best schools in all of India.
In their one room everyone and everything was crowed together and the streets outside were very noisy. Bhim went to sleep when he got home from school. Then his father would wake him up at two o’clock in the morning! Everything was quiet then, so he could do his homework and study in peace.
In the big city, Bhim found that he was still called an ‘untouchable’, even at his famous school.
One day, the teacher called him up to the blackboard to do a sum. All the other boys jumped away from him. Their lunch boxes were stacked behind the blackboard; they believed that Bhim would pollute the food! When he wanted to learn Sanskrit, language of the Hindu Holy Scriptures, he was told that it was forbidden for
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