Dr. Charles Drew Case Study

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1. Dr. Charles Drew worked as a surgeon developed new ways of storing blood and was the first director of the red cross blood bank program. 2. I am going to to take English science social studies and algebra. 3. the loud insistent smoke alarm woke us just before dawn. 4. Please pass those delicious blueberry pancakes the margarine and the syrup. 5. my twin sister can run faster jump higher and do more push ups than i can. 6. where is the nearest store that sells newspapers magazines and paperbacks. 7. Horns tooted tires screeched a whistle blew and sirens wailed. 8. Steel is made from iron other metals and small amounts of carbon. 9. the clown wore a long blue raincoat big red plastic gloves and floppy yellow tennis shoes. 10. Robert Browning
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