Dr. Charon's Narrative Medicine

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That situation with the younger doctor made me think of the reading Narrative Medicine which is about aiming to introduce into everyday medical practice the use of narrative (story telling) as an instrument to gather and understand information about the patient's history and illness. Having knowledge of their psychological and physical state is very helpful. When Dr. Charon spoke with the 36-year-old Dominican man, she didn’t take over the conversation. She listened and it touched him because he says, “No one has ever let me do this before.” This made me really think about my family’s interactions with doctors and nurses since my teen years to present. Her diabetes began to spiral out of control and it never really stabilized. Over the course of the years, she was hospitalized…show more content…
Once we reached triage unit, the nurse was irritable and spoke to my mother in an acerbic tone. She asked my mother a series of questions about her health and my mother responded in in her own way. My mother told the nurse that she was diabetic and the nurse wanted to know how my mother knew that. I remember that the nurse was very surprised that my mother spoke the way she did. I have to paraphrase because don’t recall the exact words the nurse used in the exchange. I remember that she made a comment regarding my mother being articulate and very intelligent. My mother told her she shouldn’t be shocked and even though she was college graduate she was indeed articulate before registering for college. After their exchange, my mother’s emergency room file was given a green dot which I later learned is code for “low priority”. The article Racial Bias in Health Care and Health: Challenges and Opportunities highlights some of my experiences - ( and
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