Dr. Cleamon Moorer Guides Me Through An Intimate Journey

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Failure is perhaps one of the most influential things in people’s lives because it can alter the course of our actions, by teaching us persistence or leading us the opposite way. Through his book, Dr. Cleamon Moorer guides me through an intimate journey about his progression from failure to promise. Cleamon is from a small town of Detroit with parents, who love him and enforce discipline, but most importantly, they nurture his faith in Jesus Christ. He excels in academics during both elementary and middle school; however, his mischievousness throughout those years earns him many disciplinary sessions. In high school, misbehavior becomes history, yet, his GPA suffers in the low C’s. But with his father’s tough discipline and his own effort and faith in God, he later receives nomination for the National Honor’s Society. As his college experience begins, Cleamon Moorer attends GMI with enthusiasm and works along many of his classmates at GM, but when the courses become more difficult after each semester, his grades fall below the required minimum; hence, he becomes a “flunk-out”. Yet, he does not abandon his education; he does not surrender to the failure; in fact, he learns from it. Then, with years of tenacity, patience, and faith, he ultimately becomes a professor at the same university at which he had failed.
Throughout his book, From Failure to Promise- 360 Degrees, Dr. Cleamon Moorer shares more than twenty years of his life with the public. He stresses the importance of

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