Dr. Coleman Class Analysis

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Eight hours away from home, arriving to an unfamiliar territory at Concordia college of Alabama. Selma, Alabama, A long way from my home in Florida, I find myself starting a new life. Starting a new life at Concordia College gives me the opportunity to meet new people. As I begin to start my new beginning, I remember my first day in Dr. Coleman class. Walking in class late after struggling to find her class, all eyes dot on me, nervously I walk to find a seat to try not to do anything embarrassing while walking. Dr. Coleman assigned for students to type a paper describing ourselves instead of doing the cliché meet and great and ever since then I knew I would like her class. From then to now I learned a lot from her class that I will be able to translate into my Educational or professional life outside…show more content…
In Dr. Coleman class, we also learned about writing professionally. I remember exercise C where we interviewed someone and we talked to them about how they write in their workplace. I interviewed my mother and she explained to me how her writing is notes and memos. She explained to me how her writing in her professional life might be different from mine. She’s a nurse so her writing consists of notes and memos and she explained how in her writing she doesn’t write everything down she only writes down key words. In my professional life, I look forward to being a baseball player so writing in that atmosphere will be like autographs, fan letters, and social media. If baseball does not work out I look in a career of computers or child psychologists. Writing for those such things will be like notes, memos and thoughts on like sticky notes or paper. After doing research I learned that Child psychologists does a lot of writing like notes to better help them with their job. For a job that deals with computers deal, the type of writing involved with such job includes
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