Dr. David King's Arguments In Favor Of Organ Donation

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One person possesses the ability to grant eight people the opportunity to experience a second chance at life. This magnificent strategy that saves lives is called organ donation. Organ donation is when people authorize that after they are pronounced deceased, the organs and tissue in their body goes to people in longing need of a transplant. An individual can alter to a living donor as well; this is when an individual donates an organ while they are still alive and continuing to live. The donor and the family receive no form of incentive nor compensation; although, medical procedures towards removal of the organ is covered for (Organ Donation). Organ donation is often debated with organ sales, on whether individuals should be paid for endowing…show more content…
Anything that is movable in which an individual has ownership over is personal property; it is something that belongs to that individual (Personal Property). With that being stated, an organ is something that is considered a personal property of an individual. Since it belongs to an individual, why is it unmoral for them to participate in organ sales? Well, the answer is that the human body should not be used to gain monetary incentives. Director of Human Genetics Alert, Dr. David King, made a comment on sales regarding the human body, “it is wrong to make part of the human body a commodity, the body should not be part of commerce,” (Adam Smith Institute, 2011). Indeed, the body should not be part of commerce for it is corrupt and will lead to many situations which is why organ donation does not interfere with personal…show more content…
However, this is not true as things go it is opening a new situation and basically buying the poor out because only rich people will be able to afford purchasing organs. Rich people have no reason to sell an organ because they are not in need of money. If organ sales do become legal, the higher class will “have property right to the body parts of the poor,” which is basically the rich will be able to own the poor because they hold the ability to buy them out (Ritter, 2008). That is morally wrong because humans should not have the right to own one another or should they be able to buy a part of their body through money. Organ sales will not benefit the poor and lower class because they will be mentally forced into selling their organs to solve their financial issues. If the poor were not poor, they would not have financial issues, so they would not have the idea of selling their organs. Organ sales do not benefit the poor because with one less kidney and one less lung, can the poor survive in the current condition they are in? A recent study showed that living kidney donors have a higher risk of renal disease than non-kidney donors (Muzaale, et al, 2014). If they were to get ill from any issue relating to the dysfunction of one less kidney and lung, they simply do not have the money to seek
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