Dr. Ellert And Stan, The Adhs Trauma Stakeholder Workgroup Essay

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Dr. Ellert and Stan, The ADHS trauma stakeholder workgroup held its December meeting last week and I attended along with Dr. O’Neil. My notes are below. Please let me know if you see anything that raises issues. I think we continue to be okay but I have highlighted three issues where I’d like your attention. Here is a link to the most recent CME Requirement – The consensus is the trauma medical director’s CME should be “external to the facility.” As I understood the conversation, a doctor can receive CME credit for teaching CME. Is that correct? PJ said this shouldn’t be a problem. I believe this would still allow a trauma medical director to take CME at the facility, just not receive CME credit for teaching CME. Pediatric Age – The rules say a Pediatric Level I or II is for patients under the age of 18. Does this create a problem for us? I don’t see anything that would prohibit us for treating someone younger, like a 17 year old. Trauma Registry – The group went back and forth on Registry FTEs. The comment that resonated the most is that not all trauma volumes are the same, that 1,400 annual visits could be done by one or three FTEs, depending on the complexity of the cases. ADHS is going to draft alternative language that gives flexibility, something along the lines of “sufficient resources to comply with ADHS requirements.” Research – There was no discussion to change the research requirement, per se. There was comment to define “participates in research”

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