Dr. Elliot's Mr. Robot

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Our world is controlled by a top-secret agency, bigger than all of us, playing God. Mr. Robot takes a mysterious approach in presenting the real world and acts as a satire towards the overwhelming conformity to cultural materialism and more specifically big corporations such as Facebook and Apple while touching incest, rape, sodomy, nudity and everything else that makes a show successful in the modern day. If one wasn’t already sufficiently frightened about the tenuous nature of online security and about whether to masturbate in front of a laptop, “Mr. Robot” is here as a reminder that online security is not something to be taken lightly, and you probably should stick a weirdly shaped paper on top of your laptop’s camera, because, why not?…show more content…
Robot is the story of an awesome hacker and doleful soul who cannot seem to connect with anything in the real world. Elliot, the protagonist, is a tech drone at an e-security company by day and a ball wrecking, squirrelly young computer genius by night, who roams the nighttime streets of Manhattan dropping his hammer on the villainy of corrupt men. This Neo-cyber-avenger, while often lost in psychic pain or morphine, nurtures the notion of “saving everyone from the invisible hand” and he does it with style. Elliot struggles with whether he should narc on Mr. Robot to the Feds or join his revolution and incite global…show more content…
The question is “what can we do about it?” Hope to not stumble on someone like Elliot for starters? Should we become a human scam detector, or get mini heart attacks while visiting any new website on the internet? People who are afraid of sharks can just avoid swimming in the ocean. However, how are you supposed to avoid the internet? It is the 21st century after all.
We could take a very technical approach to this issue. We could talk about malware, exploits, rogue software, buffer overflows and the risks of poor passwords or a million other things that would make the Iliad seem like an obsolete anecdote, but we stand in between two pathways: either become a heathen and go back to wiping with leaves or embrace technology and do all you can to secure
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