Dr. Ezra Johnson 's Theory Of General Supply Management Essay

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1. Mr. Ezra Johnson has accumulated 20 years as a naval medical professional, in which, he has amassed the necessary knowledge, skill and education to effectively perform all General Supply Specialist duties, responsibilities and assignments as prescribed. He is proficient in the area of CLVIII material allowance management and making material determinations which affect Role of Care. He has a thorough knowledge of Supply procedures, practices and methods that are directly employed by Operational Forces Support, NMLC-04. He has the project management experience necessary to develop, plan and execute assignments, produce quality results and effectively communicate with the TYCOM staffs, Fleet staffs and Ship Program Offices in a timely manner. His knowledge of General Supply Management; Logistics Execution, Policy and Administration Management, Class VIII medical material and clinical assemblage capabilities are such that, he will be capable of making an immediate impact once he starts work.

Qualifications of the Proposed Selectee Relative to the Requirements of the Position:

1. The position performs as General Supply Specialist in the Operational Forces Support Directorate. The primary duties consist of performing technical analysis functions relating to the development, review, maintenance and distribution of Authorized Medical and Dental Allowance Lists (AMALs and ADALs) for platforms under the Type Commanders (TYCOMs) of Surface Forces (SURFOR), Submarine Forces

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