Dr. Fistula Foundation A Non Profit Organization

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Introduction This is a detailed strategic plan for Bridget Fistula Foundation a Non-Profit Organization to be started in Kaduna State Nigeria. This strategic plan will start by discussing the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the organization. Furthermore, a SWOT analysis about everything that could potentially impact the success of the new organization. Failure to consider a key strength, weakness, threat or opportunity could to lead to poor business decisions. The needs assessment will discuss why Bridget Fistula Foundation is needed and where it will operate. All these will be followed by a detailed section of structure and management of Bridget Fistula foundation. This will be stating different people that will be involved in…show more content…
They are often ostracized by the communities that they live in and their husbands usually abandon them to fend for themselves. Many die in labor there-by creating the world’s highest documented maternal mortality rate among the nations of the world. Goals and Objectives Our long term goal is • Provide modern obstetrical services • Rid Nigeria of OBSTETRICAL FISTULAS Not only must the existing Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) be treated with the proper methods and new innovating techniques and procedures but the underlying problem of where it begins must also be treated as well. Analysis of Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats(SWOT) Strengths The Bridget Fistula Foundation • have local cultural and political knowledge and awareness of local economic conditions. • With fewer operating costs, they can be innovative and flexible. • Are committed to poor and marginalized groups. • Are good at networking and can mobilize resources and issue expertise. • Are expert at influencing public opinion and policy-makers. Weakness The Bridget Fistula Foundation • have limited issue expertise and resources. • suffer from inconsistent revenue flows from donations. may have limited experience with poor communities. Opportunities The

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