Dr. Frankenstein, Science,Technology and Ethics Essay

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Dr. Frankenstein, Science,Technology and Ethics There is nothing more profound about the topic of science and technology than its ability to be a partner in helping to save lives. It is so influencial in coming up with the latest drugs to combat harmful and even deadly diseases and viruses such as AIDS, and some cancers. We are where we are today because of the remarkable innovations in science and technology. The idea that lives can be saved from such innovations as a new flu vaccine, or a new type of antibiotic that can battle chicken pox, and many other diseases. Its all about the advancements that we get from science and technology that let us live the way we do. Now, we dont have to worry about dying from the chicken pox or…show more content…
I can still hear my mom telling this story, like it was just yesterday. Certainly in the early eighties, they were still coming up with such advancements, I am curious as to whether or not they tested on animals or did other things that we might put into question in todays society. It makes me think just what they had to do to get such advancements and how other things were effected by them-- whether it be a life lost, animal testing, or something else. Science is a wonderful thing. It gives up the opportunity to create life, cure diseases, and so many other things that make our lives much more enjoyable. It is because of science that we, the United States, are where we are today. which is a hell of a lot more than any other developed or developing country can say. Just recently, within the past two years, we have finally been able to decode the human genome. Having accomplished that, we can now pin point exactly on which chromosome a certain mutation has occured, and now we can use that information to get a cure to treat it. Because of this, many more children will make it to reproductive maturity. There is just so much to be learned and discovered out there, that scientists cant work fast enough! Along with the great things that accompany such great advancements, there is the issue of what is ethical and moral in the way that scientists are able to come up with the tests and experiments that will be used to further enrich our lives for
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