Dr. Franklin’s Island by Ann Halam

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The gasping creatures cautiously circle each other, searching for any weakness, hoping that their next blow will end this eternal battle for power. Their identities indistinguishable, both dripping with the excess of their efforts, fatally wounded from years of endless onslaughts, this is the tireless struggle between man and nature. For centuries, man and nature have come to a point where only one could survive, causing the two to become opposing forces and fight till the death. This idea of dominance between the two leading forces of earth inspires many works of literature and art such as Dr. Franklin’s Island, The Iliad, The Horse Tamers, and current events of attacks as well. Everything has been fought for in this world, from bustling cities to abundant forest, the world a battlefield of clashing ideas and opposing forces, forcing all to be a part of this great battle. The theme of man and nature clashing on the battlefield of life, constantly struggling for supreme dominance is most prominent in the novel “Dr. Franklin’s Island,” the epic poem “The Iliad,” the famous sculptures “The Horse Tamers,” and the current event involving a small child of Ottawa, Canada attacked by a pit-bull. In Dr. Franklin’s Island the main characters are constantly put through trials where they must fight against their most primal animalistic feelings and those that are grafted into their DNA when they are transformed into animals through the devious test by Dr. Franklin. Semi and Miranda

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