Essay on Dr Franklin's Island by Ann Halam

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Dr Franklin's Island by Ann Halam

The book I am going to be writing about is called Dr Franklins Island by Ann Halam. The book is about 3 kids, Semirah (Semi), Miranda and Arnie. They won a science competition by Planet Savers to go to Quito. During the journey on the plane, the plane crashed and only Semi, Miranda and Arnie survived. They ended up on the island where they were about to be the next victims of genetic engineering because of two evil scientists called Dr Skinner and Dr Franklin.

Key themes that are brought in this book is having evil scientists that always have a new plan on their mind and are always up to something. It is also about stranded survivors that have to save their
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As the story progresses she makes friends mainly with Miranda but also Arnie.

· Arnie: Arnie is a fragile person to Semi and Miranda but he can get annoying after a while when he gets impatient and starts imitating and calling names like "Semi the semi-sighted" and after a while it does get annoying. Arnie is a fat and chubby person who loves to play on the game boy and is a game boy fan. He is a shy person in the beginning but does talk confidently once the conversation has broadened and talks as if he was talking to a friend.

· Miranda: Miranda in this book is the "very cool girl" and is the coolest of them all. She has "dark black hair and long brown legs" she is an extremely confident girl compared to the rest and is hardly scared of anything. She is also a determined person as always wants to do something or the other.

Miranda, Semi and Arnie ended up together on the island together by when the plane crash occurred they all fell into the water, most children died but Semi, Miranda and Arnie saw the island near by and while trying to get to it Miranda and Semi saw each other and helped each other to get to the island. For Arnie he helped himself to get to the island and then he met Semi and Miranda on the beach.

Miranda and Semi when they had met they did interact well with each other and got on well. This I know because from the start when they first met not
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