Dr. Frederick Banting Defined Canada

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Mehul Adlakha Mr. Maiorano CHC2D1 10 April 2015 How Dr. Frederick Banting Defined Canada All nations attribute the positive aspects of their current status to significant events and achievements accomplished by outstanding citizens throughout history. Canada boasts of heroes and heroines who transformed its own history and that of the world at large. In 1922, one such historical figure by the name of Dr. Frederick Banting became a significant icon in the history of Canada and had managed to define a major part of both what it means to be Canadian and what Canada means to the world. Prior to Dr. Banting’s breakthrough discovery, diabetes often meant a very serious illness signifying the end of life. Dr. Banting had managed to change this brutal reality into one wherein diabetes can be treated and managed through his development of insulin. Through making such an important advancement in medical science, Dr. Banting had most defined the progressive, compassionate, and globally important nation of Canada that we know today. Through a series of experiments that Dr. Banting and his team began in 1921, patients with Type 1 diabetes have since been given hope of living through their condition (Sherman). Their research relied on an earlier discovery on the two roles of pancreas in the body; that is, produce digestive juices and secrete a substance that seemed to regulate glucose level in the bodies of animals (“The Discovery of Insulin”). The glucose regulating substance became the

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