Dr. Frederick Winslow Taylor

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Dr. Frederick Winslow Taylor is best known for his scientific management principles where scientific methods are applied to management problems to increase productivity with less cost, time and effort
.He is well known as the ‘Father of scientific management’. But the term scientific management was not invented by Taylor. The origin of the term scientific management is identified to be in a book na-
-med ‘The Economy of Manufacturers’ written by Charles Babbage known as ‘Father of computer’, a mathematician, mechanical engineer and inventor. But the person who popularized the term scientif-
-ic management and making the methods universally acceptable is Dr. Frederick Winslow Taylor.
This report discusses briefly about the Taylor’s contribution to the management theory in terms of organizational efficiencies, analyzing and measuring of work, managing the tasks between the work-
-ers and employees, the concept of piecework, organizational behavior, the principle aspects of
Taylor’s scientific management. It provides how relevantly and efficiently Taylor’s theories are utilize-
-ed and used practically in the modern era. It also describes the Taylor’s background, his career life and the initiation of scientific management. In addition to the positive impact of his theories we also discuss the comments on his methods by other theorists, workers and employees.
Dr. Taylor’s Background, the social environment of the time and his theory:
Managing work in groups started
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