Dr. Gary Is A Old Man Who Has Gone Into My Office

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Introduction Gary is a 34 year old man who has come into my office for help with a variety of painful issues related to the death his partner of 10 years, Chris, to AIDS approximately one year ago. After Chris’s death, Gary moved to Wilmington to get a fresh start. He is currently employed but has not formed any close relationships in his new home. He is seeking help for what appears to be depression and grief relating to the loss of Chris. He is also struggling with insomnia, trouble concentrating, excessive alcohol use, poor appetite, and social isolation. When Gary arrives at my office, he is well dressed and tidy. But, he has dark circles under his eyes, making him appear exhausted and much older than his 34 years. His demeanor is that of someone who is carrying a great burden and I get the impression that his grief and sadness weigh on him heavily. Gary was referred to me by his primary care physician after he sought treatment for his insomnia. I work in a private practice and focus on using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and Gestalt therapy methods to treat depression and related problems.
Professional & Ethical Issues There are several important ethical issues to address during my treatment of Gary. First and foremost, I need to assess Gary for the risk of suicide. During our first meeting, he mentions that he sometimes wishes he had died instead of Chris and exhibits symptoms of depression, such as hopelessness and social isolation, indicating a…
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