Dr. Gary Is A Old Man Who Has Gone Into My Office

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Introduction Gary is a 34 year old man who has come into my office for help with a variety of painful issues related to the death his partner of 10 years, Chris, to AIDS approximately one year ago. After Chris’s death, Gary moved to Wilmington to get a fresh start. He is currently employed but has not formed any close relationships in his new home. He is seeking help for what appears to be depression and grief relating to the loss of Chris. He is also struggling with insomnia, trouble concentrating, excessive alcohol use, poor appetite, and social isolation. When Gary arrives at my office, he is well dressed and tidy. But, he has dark circles under his eyes, making him appear exhausted and much older than his 34 years. His demeanor is…show more content…
When I discuss this issue with Gary, I explain to him the circumstances that would require me to break confidentiality and get him help. Another ethical issue that I may face while treating Gary is that we are culturally different. He is a gay man who has spent many years caring for a partner that had AIDS, a situation that I, as a straight, unmarried woman, have never experienced. Similarly, Gary may feel that our cultural differences will cause me to misunderstand him. If he asks, I will be honest about the fact that I have no personal experience caring for a terminally ill partner or navigating the issues faced by the LGBTQIA community. In order to address these issues, my goal is to be warm and empathetic towards Gary and to strive for a phenomenological understanding of his world. This will help us build a rapport as we work towards his growth. Additionally, I plan to seek out research that may help me understand his situation more thoroughly and enable me to provide competent care. A final professional issue I may need to address relates to referring Gary for other services. Generally speaking, I believe I am competent to treat Gary, despite our cultural differences. But, he may benefit from additional support that I cannot provide. For example, I may refer him to a support group for those who have lost significant others so that he will have an outlet for his grief and an opportunity to build a social network. In addition, I may recommend that
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