Dr. Goodfriend And Buddy

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Dr. Goodfriend and Buddy are high school friends. Every 6 to 9 months Dr. Goodfriend and Buddy speaks on the phone about career, family members, and there whereabouts about other classmates. One day Buddy calls Dr. Goodfriend to talk about how stressed he has been over the last month. Buddy, lost his job, having financial issues, trouble sleeping, he stops exercising, has little energy, having fleeting thoughts about hurting himself, and short tempered towards his wife and kids. Dr. Goodfriend was being a good listener, empathizes with Buddy, offering advice, provided Buddy with general encouragement, and suggested a book about stress management and anxiety. Buddy started to feel a lot better after speaking with Dr. Goodfriend. Before Buddy hangs up the phone with Dr. Goodfriend, he made a comment and say 's "Thanks. My wife told me that I should see a therapist, but I told my wife that I can talk with you, and it will be cheaper".

The Problem is, Dr. Goodfriend is under the pressure if his high school friend, that he talk to every 6 to 9 months is serious or joking about the comment he made him after he just talked to him for 90 minutes
They are few potential issues that are involved in this case or dilemma. First, Buddy expressing his stressful feelings to his high school friend that is now a Doctor Therapist. The second issue is
Dr. Goodfriend and Buddy was on the phone for 90 minutes talking about Buddy feeling, stress over the past months. Another issue that may

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