Dr. Grant Must Provide Both Leadership And Management If

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Dr. Grant must provide both leadership and management if he hopes to have success in the ED. First, as a leader, he needs to gain agreement that improvements need to be made and commitment on what the ED throughput benchmarks should be, as opposed to simply implementing his goals and operational ideas. Gaining consensus and engaging a group around a common goal is paramount for a successful leader (Burns, et. al., 2012). With that said, Dr. Grant has already hurt his chance to make a good first impression with his ED team, so at this point, all he can do is pull the team together, admit fault in his rush to implement his plan, and attempt to regain some level of support from his ED staff. In essence, Dr. Grant must gain his teams…show more content…
After he develops the trust and respect needed as the leader over the ED, then he can start to address some of the operational deficiencies. In contrast to his "all at once" initial attempt, maybe Dr. Grant can gain some managerial momentum by gaining some small wins within the department. Instead of revamping complete throughput processes, Dr. Grant should focus on small pieces at a time. If registration seems to be a concern, start by learning the registration process, gain insight and knowledge, and slowly look for ways to improve. In fact, he might find that taking time to understand the entire ED experience of the patient from registration to discharge, will help him truly understand the operations of the department, further helping him manage the change he and his department leaders feel is necessary. Regardless of exactly what approach Dr. Grant takes going forward, he needs to remember a couple of very important facts. First, he has to lead before he can manage. It is vital that he gain the trust and respect of his team prior to making any additional changes. His team must feel that he is open and honest in his plans and has their best interest in mind, not his. This is the primary feature of a servant leader; one who puts the interest of their team before their own (Liden, et. al., 2014). Second, Dr. Grant needs to understand
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