Dr. Hale 's An Retired Pediatric Oncologist

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Dr. Audrey Evans, a now a retired pediatric oncologist, is known for developing and founding many treatment plans against neuroblastoma and as well as co-founding the Ronald McDonald house. Dr. Evans was born in 1925 in York, England, and would later attend medical school in Edinburgh, England. She graduated in 1950 at the age of 25 and following her graduation, she came to America. Here she studied pediatric care at the Children’s Hospital in Boston for two years and then at John Hopkins Hospital for another year. During her training, she was faced with much adversity, due to the fact that she was a female. During this time, most medical professions were predominately male careers, and she was made very clear about this when she arrived in America. Evans was faced with large amount of sexism during her time studying to become a doctor. For example, she was told that many of the positions for pediatric care would be filled by males and along with that she was given poor living conditions, completely separate from her male counterparts. However, all of these things lead her to the Children’s Hospital in Boston where she became a senior resident on the Oncology floor and worked under a man named, Dr. Sidney Farber. This is where Evans said, “She discovered her true passion: treating childhood cancer.” Neuroblastoma was Dr. Audrey Evan’s main point of medical research, which is one of the most common cancers in children and the most common in infancy. Neuroblastoma is a
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