Essay on Dr. Helene Gayle and the Aids Epidemic

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NAME: Sherry Title of Case: Dr. Helene Gayle and the AIDS Epidemic Author: Norma M. Riccuccl 1. This case discussed Dr. Helene D. Gayle’s career that is fighting with AIDS epidemic, and stated that how Dr. Gayle successfully utilized the effective managerial leadership in her position. In my opinion, this case not only propagandizes that these infectious diseases, such as AIDS, STD, and TB, for humans and the whole world are still a huge challenge, but introduces that Dr. Gayle’s personal magnetism charisma and leadership on managing her teams and preventing AIDS all over the world. Thus, this case is very important because it teaches us that a public leader or supervisor who only has managerial skills is not enough; meanwhile, they…show more content…
For example, she knows the impact of discrimination against African American in this country, so she decides to study psychology, medical degree, and Master of Public Health because she wants to use the power of knowledge to help and care about much people, especially the vulnerable groups; furthermore, she is a very likable, dedicated, and selfless person, so these personalities make her colleagues like to work with her and respect her. The second reason is she understands how to flexibly manage her work groups and AIDS projects and effectively negotiate with different public or private sectors. For instance, she knows the importance of collaborating with communities, government agencies, and private sectors, and her effective collaborating skills help her build a good relationship with these social groups and people; moreover, she recognizes the development of each AIDS program should adopt to the political environment and her work will face a number of formidable obstacles, so she makes flexible managerial methods to overcome the problems and set short-term goals or long-term strategies to adapt the political realities. The third reason is her risk spirit and successful leadership. As Dr. Gayle said, “you have to be willing to take risks in
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