Dr. Hirsch 's Leadership Style

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Dr. Hirsch believes that colleagues and staff would describe his leadership style as accessible, direct, supportive, participatory, and supportive. Oftentimes, he welcomes others to challenge his ideas and tries to encourage staff to think beyond the obvious. Furthermore, he believes others view him as a source to assist in solving problems. This led directly to the next question: • What do you feel is your greatest strength? How do you use your strengths to compensate for weaker areas? When I posed the question, I immediately apologized for my word choice. Buckingham and Clifton would be disappointed in my use of the word “weakness” but I was unsure of any other way to frame the question. Dr. Hirsch chuckled and agreed that he…show more content…
If so, how did your experiences with that individual impact your own leadership styles? In response to the first question, Dr. Hirsch explained that leaders risk failing when they take on a more reactive than proactive role. It is essential to keep up with trends and outcomes to stay ahead and bring everyone in with you. Like the “w” word, Dr. Hirsch tries to avoid the term “failure”. Although he does admit that he has been unsuccessful at meeting goals, he believes that it was due to external or internal forces that were unavoidable. In response to the second question, Dr. Hirsch admits that he has encountered individuals in leadership roles that may have been ineffective and has used these experiences as an opportunity to learn. Dr. Hirsch referred to himself as a “24/7 student”. He always tries to find new ways of learning and believes that even the “good, the bad, and the ugly” can provide an opportunity to learn “what not to do”. Although he admits he has encountered individuals who were ineffective leaders, he tries to see the best in people and believes that the position may not have been the best “fit”. Essentially, it is not that they are ineffective but that it may not be the “right place or the right time”. At this point in the interview, it was evident to me that Dr. Hirsch does not work in isolation. He is a firm believer in building
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