Dr Jekyll And Hyde Good Vs Evil

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“I tend to think that good and evil exist and that the quantity in each of us is unchangeable. The moral character of people is set, fixed until death,” a quote from Michel Houellebecq, who is a French author, filmmaker and poet, is a theme represented in the novella, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Louis Stevenson is a author who presents the good and evil in this novella, explaining the roles of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is having no impact whoever he was on the life of the two, also thinking in the way that he could choose who he wants to be, and being perfect, and showing a theme of perfection along the way. In this novella there were two different personalities, conjoined in one person, with…show more content…
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde felt they could choose, between the two, of how they felt, and how they were displayed. Jekyll’s potion resulted in pure evil, rather than good, because he was trying so hard to separate the two, he became more evil, “Enough then, that I not only recognized my natural body from the mere aura and effulgence of certain of the powers that made up my spirit, but managed to compound a drug by which these powers should be dethroned from their supremacy, and a second form and countenance substituted, none the less natural to me because they were the expression, and bore the stamp of lower elements in my soul” (43). This quote is a representation of the how Dr. Jekyll took the potion to get out, of Mr. Hyde, but instead it killed him, leaving Mr. Hyde to live. Dr. Jekyll believed that he could choose which one that he could be, even though either way it was not going to turn out how he wanted, “Between these two, I now felt I had to choose. My two natures had memory in common, but all other faculties were most unequally shared between them” (48). Dr. Jekyll is explaining that by choosing between the two personalities of him, either way he was not going to what he wanted to be, because it came with consequences to be either person. Also when Dr. Jekyll produced the evil version of himself, he was trying to separate the evil factors, resulting in both success and failure in many ways, “That night I had come to the fatal cross-roads. Had I approached my discovery in a more noble spirit, had I risked the experiment while under the empire of generous or pious aspirations, all must have been otherwise, and from these agonies of death and birth, I had come forth an angel instead of a fiend”(45). These quotes all show the same subjects present, with that being that one cannot separate the differences between good and evil. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde had two different personalities, one, which is being evil, and a killer, the other being, good, and a nice
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