Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Utterson The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a great science fiction story that was published in 1886. It was written by an intelligent Scottish novelist named Robert Louis Stevenson. He uses technological ideas to develop a plot with powerful and realistic characters. Two main characters that play a major part in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Utterson. They are extremely good friends who live in London during the late nineteenth-century. Dr. Jekyll is described as an expert physician, while Mr. Utterson is a middle-aged lawyer. Stevenson was able to establish two strong characters with important motives, conflicts, and symbols; however, a major difference between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Utterson is their physical and mental health as they progress throughout the novel. In the novel, Dr. Henry Jekyll is one of the main protagonists. Stevenson developed him as a dynamic character because he goes through variable changes, and learns to evolve from them. Dr. Jekyll is a well-respected doctor with a great personality. He was born in the 1800s and lives in a beautiful house (Stevenson 47). Dr. Jekyll respects his friends and hosts dinner parties for them. He is also extremely appreciative by thanking his friends, especially Mr. Utterson, who cares about Dr. Jekyll’s health. Dr. Jekyll has a strong bond with Mr. Utterson that he respects and “trust[s] [him] before any man alive” (Stevenson 20). Even though Dr. Jekyll

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